Our Coaches



Micah grew up on the shores of Table Rock Lake but it wasn't until his teen years that his wakeboard journey began.  After his first day of wakeboarding he was hooked.  He and his friends took every opportunity to get on the water and ride, constantly pushing each other to new levels.  They never had a coach or anyone to teach them so learning a new trick was always trial and error. After several years of competitions and over 20 years on the water Micah now shares his knowledge with riders of all levels, giving them the instruction that he never had.



Jaysin has been boarding and training/coaching since the early 90s and his students have had great success; including 3 World Championships, 2 X Games Championships, World Cup, Gravity Games, Vans Triple Crown Champions to name a few. From 93-03 Jaysin was sponsored by CWB and rode with some of the best riders in the world. Jaysin also brings experience working at multiple board schools across Florida.